Oscha wish list

What better to do on a rainy afternoon with a boob-monster toddler but browse the Oscha wrap back catalogue to create a fantasy wish list…

Matrix Jig of Joy is a gorgeous 100% combed Egyptian cotton wrap in beautiful colours. I bought this is a different colourway (Satori) as a shorty but didn’t get on with the length so chopped it to a ring sling and panel piece ready for a full buckles conversion for my hubby. I’d love this as a wrap!

Matrix Jig of Joy

The Okinami pattern has slowly grown on me, especially since they’ve started producing it in graduated colours. A friend has Evie, which I love, but I think my favourite Okinami is Noosa. It’s 50% hemp, 50% combed cotton and the colours are rich are vibrant.

Okinami Noosa

Phaise is similar to Matrix in some ways, and I just love Phaise Victoria with its ‘hot fade of colours with a turquoise jade accent, all deepened with a black weft.’ Noosa above is clearly similar, but instead of a black weft, has a white hemp. This one is 100% cotton.

Phaise Victoria

Raja is another design that I wasn’t at all keen on to start with, but would now love it in two colourways! Zola, 50% hemp and 50% cotton, is one I think my son would love as it’s so clearly tigers, in their rightful colour. I’ve heard this is a beast to break in though! I think it’d make a lovely mei tai or carrier panel.

Raja Zola – shimmers in real life.

The other Raja I love is Sanday, which sold out in about 2 seconds flat. Part of the appeal for me, other than the beautifully light and summery feel to the colours, is that it’s 54% cotton and 46% bamboo. I have a bamboo / cotton blend Lenny Lamb (our first woven) and utterly adore it, but have never had another bamboo. I’d love this as a ring sling for the summer, for quick ups and downs out and about exploring with the toddler.

Raja Sanday – summery heaven!

Rei Victoria is the same blend, warp and weft as Phaise Victoria above. I like the simple repeating pattern here. A wrap that is even more stunning in real life (having stroked my friend’s, I can say this with certainty!)

Rei Victoria.

This next pattern is my absolute favourite of Oscha’s. It’s Roses, and it’s beautiful. I thought I’d never own any, so jumped at the chance to buy some Vanilla with a view to making a simple, elegant ring sling for using at smarter events like christenings and weddings. Then I bought a bit more, ready to dye for my own rainbow patchwork carrier project. Last week a stunning ring sling piece of Orphir arrived, and yesterday I put a pre-order on the new Northern Sling Convention’s Roses of the North in a ginormous size 8.

But I confess, I still lust after these beauties….

Kona, which I 100% will never own as it goes for prices so high over RRP it makes my eyes water to read them. But I can dream! This is a simple 100% cotton.

100% combed cotton again, this time Blue Ice. I really love the contrast between the deep blue and the bright turquoise.

I have to laugh at myself including this one – Roses Ismay. When I first saw the stock photos, I said it just looked like tiny cabbages due to the colour scheme (100% cotton ecru and forest green.) If you pardon the pun, it’s really grown on me, and the more action shots I see, the more I want it!

So that’s my wish list. Only 9, so in single figures… could be worse! Unfortunately all are highly sought after, hard to find wraps (except perhaps Ismay, but that’s only been out five minutes so will no doubt start popping up on the selling pages) and all go for above RRP, so maybe if I win the lottery!


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