A little about me, although I don’t want to bore you with the inane details of my life – I’ll save that for the blog entries! I’m 30, married, and live in a fairly normal mid-terrace 3-bed house.

Both my husband and I are teachers and we also appear to collect animals – the smallest are rodents and reptiles, right up through the more usual cats and dogs, to the big, expensive beasts – the horses.

I like the idea of many craft projects, but in reality I don’t have the patience – or, if I’m being honest – the skill for most of them, so you may find this blog becomes littered with links to gorgeous little projects that I fancy having a go at, before (usually) coming to my senses before I buy all the necessary components. Sometimes I come to my senses AFTER I’ve hit Ebay, at which time I have to hide the evidence from my long suffering husband. Oh well, he loves me for my impulsive nature and enthusiasm (or that’s what I tell him.)

Please do comment on my blog entries – I have started this to keep track of my thoughts and ideas as we progress along the journey to having a family, and would very much welcome thoughts and links to other blogs.


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