Long overdue update

Time flies when you’re having fun running round after an energetic toddler (although I have to say it’s great fun, too!)

Project #1 is now 15.5 months and it occurred to me it’s been longer than that since I updated this blog. The next couple of weeks will probably therefore involve lots of spamming of photos of him from the last year or so! I’ll also post my birth story, spoiler alert, we did get our amazing water homebirth.

More recently we’ve had some sad news, I unfortunately miscarried Project Attempt #2 just under 3 weeks ago. It was early days but once you see those positive pregnancy tests you can’t help but get excited so even only knowing I was pregnant for 3 weeks, it was upsetting and a shock. Luckily everything so far has been quite straightforward, other than my hcg levels being very slow to drop. I’m still having blood tests to monitor the drop, but hoping we’ll be back at base level soon so that we can get going again!


Hello, blog-land!

Testing, testing…

It’s a gorgeous sunny day here – as it is in most of the UK. I’m pregnant (25+5) and not happy about the heat! As such, I’ve spent much of the day hiding in the house, summer dress on, ice cubes close by and decided to start a blog.

At the start of my journey to family life, I contributed to another blog which has sadly ceased to be active due to a very busy owner, but I found it so therapeutic to keep track of significant events whilst trying to conceive and during early pregnancy that I felt that one of my own would be useful. Not that I can promise to blog about a series of significant events… when I am not restricted to one entry a month, I have no doubt I will get side tracked. Sorry in advance about that!

The first few entries will be repeats from the blog I previously contributed on, and my own notes that I had kept. I’ll be trying to post thoughts and feelings as accurately as possible at that time, rather than with retrospective rose-tinted glasses on! Once I’ve caught up to the present day, entries will no doubt get shorter.

So grab a glass of wine (while one of us can) and join me on my journey – and I hope to share yours, too!