Productive maternity leave?

18th September 2013:

Not so much!

I cannot believe how exhausted I am; how on earth people cope in late pregnancy when they have other children running around, I don’t know. I guess I might find out in a couple of years!

I’m on my 3rd day of maternity leave. I’ve had 3 lovely lie ins, and a couple of afternoon naps. I’m still sleeping badly – I have a new joyful pregnancy symptoms that wakes me up now – an itchy belly! My stretch marks are very dramatic and angry-looking, and the itch is due to them. Unfortunately because it’s the deep skin damage, there is very little to soothe it but I have discovered that holding a cold flannel over the stretch marks eases it slightly, then I slather cold emollient cream on and try and get back to sleep quickly, before the itching starts again! On the plus side, since I’ve stopped work, my hips are significantly less painful.

This week I’ve had a physio appointment, met with a colleague, done a little (very little…) DIY, been bath shopping, and been doing jobs with the horses. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the GP (for the itchy bump and to try and get an exercise referral so I can have free / cheap swimming, as advised by the physio) followed by the nurse for my whooping cough vaccine. It’s taken a lot of dithering, reading and mind-changing about the vaccine, but I have decided to go for it in the end.

So I still haven’t managed any baby shopping yet! So much to do…